Creator Turns LG Wing’s Secondary Display into a Separate Smartphone

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 20 Dec 2021


A creator on the Chinese streaming site Bilibili has successfully made an entire phone out of the LG Wing’s smaller secondary display. Here’s a look at this innovative project.

Last year, the LG Wing was one of the company’s last mass-produced smartphone models before LG’s smartphone division folded for good. The unique Wing featured a primary display that pivoted 90 degrees about the center to reveal a secondary squarish display concealed underneath, giving the phone a T-shape appearance. The niche form factor was cool but failed to catch on.

However, like an engineer who swapped Apple’s Lightning connector for USB-C on an iPhone, a Chinese creator has turned the squarish secondary display into a separate phone. In the modified device, the LG Wing’s logic board and most essential components are housed in a custom chassis that is obviously thicker than the Wing.

The modified device even has the full triple-camera array, a pop-up selfie camera, and a battery sandwiched between the display and other internal components. While there is no particular problem that this modification solves, it is a testament to the ingenuity of the creator and the ease of access to the technology required to do such modifications. It is one of those projects undertaken just because it can be done. Reasoning takes a back seat.

Another interesting detail worth noting is that Android isn’t particularly optimized for small squarish displays. So, while the result isn’t precisely the ideal daily driver smartphone, it sure is a conversation starter.

You don’t plan to do this to your LG Wing, right?