LG’s Rollable Display Smartphone Might Be Released as “LG Slide”

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 6 Nov 2020

LG Slide

This year we have seen a bunch of new foldable smartphones from Samsung and other companies. LG is taking the game to the next level with a rollable smartphone that might be called Slide. Yes, as futuristic as it might sound, the new device from LG will feature a display that can be rolled. The South Korean company has filed a trademark for the name LG Rollable.

Interestingly, LG has applied for a trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the name LG Slide. We are unsure whether the rollable LG smartphone will be called “LG Slide” or “LG Rollable.” Perhaps LG considers the action of rolling the display as “Sliding” and thus the name. It is also quite possible that the company is filing for a trademark for two different devices.

LG Slide certification

Previously, LG has trademarked quirky names like The Roll, Double Roll, Dual Roll, Bi Roll, Bendi, Flex, and Duplex. It seems like the company wants to trademark all the possible names. That being said, “LG Rollable” has a friendly tone while other names sound funny.

In the recent past, we have seen some outlandish smartphones from LG. The brand has released smartphones with Dual Display and a T-Shaped LG Wing. The South Korean company is not ready to give up on smartphones. The company’s net profit registered an impressive 21.1% YoY increase despite the ongoing pandemic. The company has reportedly decreased the marketing budget and has increased production to reduce its costs.

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