LG G8 ThinQ Will Use Its OLED Panel as a Speaker

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 14 Feb 2019

LG today announced that its upcoming flagship, the LG G8, will feature Crystal Sound OLED (CSO) technology that will use the phone’s OLED display as an audio amplifier.

The technology has been developed in-house by LG where it uses the OLED display as a diaphragm. The entire display surface will vibrate to produce sound “with impressive volume.” LG says that the technology also improves audio clarity which makes it easier to distinguish between multiple voices and musical notes.

This does not mean that LG is doing away with speakers completely on the G8. Instead, the bottom speaker is going to remain intact and it will be used to deliver “impressive bass” when the phone is used in speakerphone mode. LG also promises “full-bodied stereo performance” with a 2-channel audio setup by using the combination of the bottom speaker and the top half of the display.

LG has worked closely with Meridian to further fine-tune the G8’s audio quality. The handset will feature DTS:X 3D Surround Sound to offer a 7.1 channel output, a Hi-Fi Quad DAC for exceptional audio quality and fidelity, Master Quality Authenticated support for high-quality music streaming, and Boombox Speaker which uses the free internal space in the phone as a resonance chamber for improved bass and volume.

LG’s flagship phones have always offered unparalleled audio quality and it looks like the company is going to continue that trend with the G8 ThinQ. It will be interesting to see how the sound output from this CSO technology is and whether it can compete with the speaker system found on the likes of Galaxy Note 9, Pixel 3, and iPhone XS series. LG has already confirmed that the G8 ThinQ will come with a 3D front camera for face unlock.

[Via LG]