Google Voice Search enrolls in a language school, learns German, French, and Japanese

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 6 Dec 2013

Being able to ask your computer, tablet, or smartphone a question and then hearing an answer that’s actually useful is a powerful experience that millions of people, myself included, enjoy on a daily basis. The problem, however, is that there’s only so many language you can teach a computer to talk. Google Voice Search has worked beautifully in English speaking countries, but what about other languages?

According to TechCrunch, Google has now added support for German, French, and Japanese. German and French are a big deal, since they’re the two largest countries in the European Union. And while I’m not so sure about how relevant the Japanese market is, it’s still a good thing to see Google push the boundaries of what’s possible. Now it should be noted that this update works not only on Android, but also on iOS. Not that that’s a bad thing, Google is a services business after all.

What’s next for Google Voice Search? That’s a good question. I’m thinking that more and more smartphones and tablets need to steal the touch-less control feature from the Moto X. You shouldn’t have to touch your phone to set an alarm. You shouldn’t have to stand next to your wall charger, hunched over, to find out whether or not you need an umbrella before going outside.

That’s a hardware thing, though, so come on Qualcomm!