Google Search update brings a Parking card, new UI for Reminders and more

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 May 2014


Google loves to release updates for its apps every Wednesday. Every other week, it will give one of its app a major enhancement with other receiving some minor bug fixing update.

Today, the company has rolled out an update for Google Search that bumps the version number to 3.4, which brings a new parking card, a new UI for reminders and more.

The parking detection card automatically detects where you have parked your car, via location reporting, and automatically pops up a card showing the location. The reminders UI has received a makeover and it now categorises the reminders under upcoming and past groups.


In the previous Search update, Google had added the ability to assign nicknames to all your contacts. With this update, the company is providing users with an option to view and manage all their assigned nicknames.

Interestingly, in this new update using the voice commands like “turn Wi-Fi On” will automatically open the relevant Settings menu. It would obviously have been better if the Wi-Fi state was directly toggled but I guess Google plans on adding that in the next OS or Search update. Other voice commands that work include “turn GPS On” and “Turn Airplane mode On”. Hopefully, Google will expand on this functionality with future updates.

While the update is rolling out in stages, you can grab the APK file from here and install it manually.

[Via Android Police]