Google Popular Times for Businesses Now Shows Real-Time Results

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Nov 2016


Last year, Google launched Popular Times within its search cards, which showed users what time a business might be busy and when it might not be.

It’s a quick way to look to see if you should swing by the store now, or wait until it’s less busy, based on the amount of time you have in a day. And now Google is upgrading the feature to show real-time results. The company made the announcement official today, and the real-time results will show up in the standard search cards for businesses.

The Popular Times feature will also still show the other hours in a day as well, so that you can plan out your day accordingly.

Google also confirmed that it will show the specific times for different departments or sections within a store. So if your grocery store closes at 11:00pm, but the pharmacy section inside of it closes at 6:00pm, the Google search will now reflect that.

[via Official Google Blog]