Google Plans on Changing Revenue Split for Subscriptions on Play Store

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Jun 2016


Earlier today, Apple announced its new revenue sharing split with developers that would see the usual 70:30 split change to 85:15. However, this split ratio will only change once the subscriber has been paying for the service for a year. Now, Re/code reports that Google is also working on moving to a 85/15 split for subscriptions.

Unlike Apple though, Google has already been testing the new split with some entertainment companies. The company has been running this new revenue split model since a year with many video entertainment companies in a bid to stir adoption of Play subscriptions among Google Cast users. Nonetheless, it still remains unclear when the company plans on rolling out this new split for all developers on Google Play.

Do note that this change in revenue split is only for subscriptions, and not for one-time purchases or IAPs. So, this change in revenue split is unlikely to benefit the majority of developers out there.

With many indie developers struggling to keep themselves afloat in the saturating App Store world, it would have been great to see Apple and Google change the default revenue split to 85:15 for all types of purchases done through their respective stores. But at least on the Google Play Store, developers always have the option of implementing their own payment system, which will then ensure that they don’t have to share their revenue with Google.

[Via Re/code]