Google Pixel Buds Pro Software Update Adds 5-Band Customizable EQ

BY Ronil

Published 12 Oct 2022

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google announced that it has started rolling out a software update for its Pixel Buds Pro. This firmware update adds an essential feature that Google showcased at the launch event and promised it’d roll out soon: a 5-band customizable EQ. The company says this update is ‘slowly rolling out’ and will reach all gears ‘over the next week.’

The requirements to get and install this update are pretty straightforward. Your Pixel Buds Pro must be on version 3.14 to get the update. The Pixel Buds app on your phone has to be on version 1.0.474476083 or newer. With that said, let’s look at what else this software update brings to the table.

Google Pixel Buds Pro Firmware Update: What’s New

Once you install this new update, you can modify a five-band EQ to fine-tune the audio profile – as and when needed. If you don’t want to alter this sound profile by yourself, you can choose from six presets that Google’s audio engineers calibrated: Default, Heavy bass, Light bass, Balanced, Vocal boost, and Clarity. (via)

The custom EQ you config according to your preferred settings via the Pixel Buds app will remain unaltered on your Buds Pro no matter the device you’re using until you make changes again. This update also features controls for the left/right balance, allowing you to push sound on one side more than the other as per your preferences.

Lastly, Google’s support page says that the latest update brings unnamed general bug fixes and improvements. Sadly, if you were hoping that this update would also include the missing spatial audio feature that Google promised to send to the Buds Pro at some point, it didn’t happen. If you were considering getting yourself a fresh pair of Google Pixel Buds Pro, now seems to be a good time.