Google Pixel 7 Pro Is Less Durable Than 6 Pro in Durability Test

BY Ronil

Published 2 Nov 2022

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro has undergone the durability test of YouTuber Zack Nelson (aka JerryRigEverything). With the Pixel 7 series, Google refreshed the camera visor – it is now wrapped with metal instead of glass. However, just because metal is stronger than glass, it doesn’t mean it’s more durable, as proven by the durability test. The metal camera bump starts showing scratches after just a few minutes out of the box. 

The Gorilla Glass Victus-protected display begins to show scratches at level six with deeper grooves on level seven of the Mohs scale. Even after receiving deep grooves, the fingerprint reader still works fine. Although, the screen only survives 20 seconds before the pixels start turning white and never fully recover.

Google Pixel 7 Pro’s camera visor is very fragile. It starts showing ugly marks after being scratched by anything from a key to sandpaper. It won’t be a good idea to keep the Pixel 7 Pro in your stuffed pocket without a case. Surprisingly, the back panel easily gets scratched by a blade, unlike the Pixel 6 Pro’s rear panel. Zach predicts that the phone will aesthetically look pretty hammered two years from now, more so than the glass camera island of Pixel 6 Pro.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Bend Test

The YouTuber applies pressure on the device from the back, resulting in a curved bent and a slight break around the antenna line under the camera visor. The phone also loses its water resistance due to this. Zach says the Pixel 7 Pro didn’t snap in half or break catastrophically, but it barely survives the durability test. “Google is definitely snuggling up a little too close to that Nexus 6P standard of structural integrity,” he added. It’s always a good idea to put a case on your smartphone for better protection.

You can check out the Google Pixel 7 Pro durability test video below: