Google Pixel 3 eSIM Support Expanding to More Markets

BY Evan Selleck

Published 3 Dec 2018


Google introduced the eSIM feature with the Pixel 2 last year, and it’s yet another major bullet point for the Pixel 3 this year.

And Google has just announced this week that the feature is getting even more support across the globe soon. Internationally, Reliance Jio and Airtel in India will support the feature in the coming months, along with EE in the United Kingdom and Sprint in the United States within that same timeframe. Nothing specific just yet, but something to look forward to, at least. Even sooner than that, Google has confirmed that Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone will support the eSIM functionality in the Pixel 3 “soon”.

Meanwhile, Gigsky and Truphone are also on the list to add support for the Pixel 3’s eSIM functionality in the coming months.

That’s not all, though. Google is also confirming that it is building a program for Android device manufacturers to build eSIM functionality into their smartphones in the future. That sounds like Google is trying to make eSIM functionality a bit more common place in future handsets, which is good news all around:

“To enable a consistent and simple experience across the ecosystem, we’re also creating a program that allows Android device makers to build eSIM-capable smartphones. We look forward to continuing our work with our partners on the potential benefits of eSIM—whether that’s getting you connected to a phone, watch, tablet, or laptop—in the future.”

[via Google]