PSA: Google Now’s “Make me a sandwich” easter egg

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 20 Sep 2013

Google is known to include some funny  easter eggs in Android and all their other services. Today, thanks to avid Redditor – znupl – we have come across another funny easter egg included in Google Now/Voice Actions on Android. 

Using Google’s excellent Voice Action feature to issue the “Google, Make me a sandwich” command will lead the phone to respond “What? Make it yourself” or “You’re a sandwich”. Below is a quick video of this funny easter egg in action -:

That’s not all though. Say “sudo, make me a sandwich” and you get an “OK” reply from Google. Until the day modern engineering actually allows us to make a sandwich by a simple voice command to our smartphones, this is perhaps the next best thing we can get.

For the less geeky out there, “sudo” is a UNIX command, and prefixing it before any other command will run it as an administrator on any UNIX based system.