Google Adds Shortcuts to the Search App

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Mar 2017

Google is adding a few tweaks to the Search app, which will hopefully make it a bit easier to get to features and information faster.

Today, Google announced that it is adding what it calls “tappable shortcuts” to the Android Search app, the iOS Search app, and the mobile website as well. With these, users will be able to quickly gain access to information in entertainment, sports, and more. These new additions will be present under the main search bar, at least in part, while the full list will be available in a separate list, just a tap away.

Android users get even more options right up front, though: Translate, currency converter, nearby attractions, internet speed test, games, and more will be available in the Android Search app. Moreover, Google says that these new features will be available for users in the United States, but does not indicate when the feature will be added to the Search app in other regions.

[via Google Blog]