Google accidentally reveals new Dialer app

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 22 Apr 2014

Nexus Dialer

Google is said to be working on Android 4.4.3 to fix some of the pertinent issues with its devices. However, there could be more changes than initially expected according to a new revelation made by the company. Responding to a user query, the @GoogleNexus Twitter handle has shown a screenshot of the dialer app which reveals a completely new theme with a new color in place.

As you can see from the comparison above, the Phone icon is now missing and the business image has been revamped as well. The color scheme has been changed from grey to blue. As this is coming straight from Google, it’s likely that this version of the dialer app is currently in testing. Google has been tweaking its apps with changed action bar colors, so this comes as no surprise to us.

With Android 4.4.3 expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, we expect the update to carry these changes. The new dialer should only be applicable to Nexus, Google Play Edition or Motorola devices though as it is a stock Android feature.

[Twitter via Android Police]