You Can Now Block Specific YouTube Channels in Google Discover Feed

BY Ronil

Published 17 Sep 2022

Google Discovery Feed

Google now lets you better curate what appears in your Discovery feed by allowing you to block specific YouTube channels from being featured. Previously, you could eliminate unwanted YouTube videos by entirely blocking the YouTube section from appearing on Google Discover.

This new option in the Google Search app gives you more control over your Discovery feed through a new ‘Don’t show content from [XYZ channel] on YouTube’ option to filter the feed. The original ‘Don’t show content from YouTube’ button is still available for those concerned. 

Google Discovery Feed

While this button is witnessed on many Android phones running on stable and beta versions, the feature is yet to come to the masses. Google has been known to experiment with new features for the Discovery feed for a while now, and hopefully, this latest experiment’s wider rollout is just around the corner.

No More Fake Movie Trailers on Google Discovery Feed

The ability to block a specific YouTube channel from Google Discovery is among the most requested options by many. These requests come from a sizeable audience who (like many of us) have witnessed clickbait/fake movie trailers from notorious channels in the Google Discovery feed. So, if that’s something that bothers you, check if the ‘Don’t show content from XYZ channel on YouTube’ is available for you. 

This new addition is undoubtedly a more refined approach to fine-tune your Discovery feed. Besides YouTube videos, Google Discovery also shows blog posts and sometimes Reddit posts. This content, however, appears on your feed based on your search history and only displays particular topics that interest you.

Google, for a while, has allowed you to block articles or Reddit posts you don’t want to see in your Discovery feed, and the YouTube section of the Discovery feed is now getting the same treatment.