10 Real Emergencies Solved by Your Phone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 31 Jul 2015

You may not always love your smartphone, but you must admit that its constant, always-watching presence is convenient. It’s always there when you need it, except when it’s out of batteries. When you’re in a bind, it might be the only person, I mean, the thing that comes to your aid. Here are 10 real emergencies, with a disclaimer, not real at all, that your smartphone can solve in seconds.

You Don’t Know which Shirt to Buy

Blue or gold? I know! Let me post it on Instagram and see what my followers think! Or send a photo to my best friend! Or should I buy a blue shirt or a gold shirt? See what online fashionistas have to say! And yes, this or that. Decisions can be fixed this way.

You’re Starving

oops, again forgot to eat, the grocery store is closed. Oh wait; there’s GrubHub!

Your Feet Hurt

Can’t take even one more step? There’s an app for that: Lyft, Curb, Uber

You’re Soooo Tired

Blue light keeps you awake; that’s not always a bad thing. For example, when you’re trying to keep your eyes open in the middle of a boring meeting.

You’re Completely Lost

GPS works everywhere, even when you have no cellular connection. And asking for directions is definitely life-threatening.

You’re Bedridden

If only there were a service that delivered cold medicine to my bedside. What’s that? Amazon same-day delivery?

You Can’t Find Your Car

Find My Car uses GPS to mark your car’s location, so you never have to look through a giant mall parking lot for three hours. And smartpark remembers your location and tracks when your meter will expire. Perfect!

You Look Terrible

But I need to take a selfie for my followers; yes, I need it. Oh, I’ll use an app to make myself prettier.

You Have an Actual Emergency

Your phone is simultaneously a communication tool, GPS, and a fountain of knowledge. Who’s prepared now, Boy Scouts?