11 selfies we all really need to stop taking

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Are selfies the art of our generation? Self-portraits for everyone? I certainly hope not, but it seems like everybody is celebrating everything with selfies these days. Check out Manny Pacquiao's "before the weigh-in" selfie from last week:

thelist selfies pacquiao selfie

Well, okay. I guess if you're an international boxing superstar about to start the fight of the century, or the Secretary of State chillin' with a baby elephant, taking a selfie to celebrate is understandable.

thelist selfies kerry selfie

But if you're just standing in front of the bathroom mirror at work taking selfie…after selfie…after selfie…you might need help. Here are 11 types of selfies we all need to stop taking (or, at least, stop uploading to social networks).

Disclaimer: I'm no selfie-saint. I'm basically guilty of taking all of these selfies and uploading them to Instagram.

The bathroom selfie

thelist selfies bathroom selfie

Bathroom selfies can go wrong in so many ways, from dirty mirrors to, uh, accidentally revealing that you're on the toilet. So maybe just…don't?

The pet selfie

thelist selfies pet selfie
thelist selfies pet selfie2

We'd rather see photos of you and your pet, I don't know, enjoying the outdoors—not a photo of you trying to wrestle your pet into submission so you can take a pet selfie.

The sleeping selfie

thelist selfies sleeping selfie

If you're sleeping, you can't take a selfie. And if you're taking a selfie, you're not sleeping. So…yeah.

The couple selfie

thelist selfies couple selfie2

It's one thing to take cute couple pictures…it's another thing to take vomit-inducing couple selfies.

The multiple selfies

thelist selfies same1 selfie
thelist selfies same2 selfie

Look at these two selfies. They're basically the exact same picture. Yet I felt the need to take both of them and upload both of them. Why?

The gym selfie

thelist selfies gym selfie

Nobody wants to be reminded that you're at the gym while they're in bed, browsing Instagram. We get it, you work out. (Bonus points for posting at 4 a.m., though.)

The duckface selfie

thelist selfies duckface selfie

While the "duckface" does give you epic cheekbones ala Kim K…it also makes you look like an idiot. So would you rather have epic cheekbones and look like an idiot, or have average cheekbones and look somewhat smart? You know that we aren't fooled into thinking you have lips that plump and cheekbones that pronounced, right?

The car selfie

thelist selfies car selfie

Sometimes you get in your car, flip open your driver's side mirror, and go DAMN…I look fabulous. But that doesn't mean you need to snap a selfie. And do not take pictures of yourself while driving!

The grainy, low-resolution selfie

thelist selfies bad club selfie

If you took your selfie in practically-pitch-blackness, it's probably not great, resolution-wise. And that means it's probably not worth sharing with the world. Just sayin'.

The pool legs selfie

thelist selfies pool legs selfie

Because the only way to let people know you're relaxing in paradise (or by your apartment complex pool at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday) is to take a photo of your feet! Besides, you don't want to end up on hot-dog-legs.tumblr.com.

The extreme selfie

thelist selfies extreme selfie The Flash Pack

Just kidding, extreme selfies are awesome. But super dangerous. And not for the faint-hearted.

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