Android 4.4 will be called KitKat

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 Sep 2013


Eagerly waiting for Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie? Well, today Google has announced that the next version of Android will be called Kit Kat, and not Key Lime Pie, as rumored. The upcoming version of the OS will carry the version number Android 4.4, and not Android 5.0 as expected

Android’s new leader, Sundar Pichai, also announced that our lovely little green robot is now running on more than 1 billion Android devices worldwide. This is probably the first time that Google has gone ahead and confirmed the name and version number of a future version of Android without officially unveiling it.

Android KitKat

Over at, the company  has also explained how and what each new version of Android has bought into the table right from Android 1.5. With Android 4.4 KitKat, the company aims to “make an amazing Android experience available to everybody.”

What does this hint to? Well, not much has leaked or is known about the next version of Android, but it looks like Google is going to make Android more resource efficient so that it can run smoothly on low-end Android devices, that are being sold in millions in third-world countries. It can also mean that Google is aiming to put Android into smart watches, consoles, and and other such devices.

Google has partnered up with Nestle, and has even linked to their website on the Android KitKat webpage. The companies are also running a contest, where buyers of specially marked KitKat packages stand a chance to win either the new Nexus 7 or some Google Play credit. The companies will be giving away 1000 new Nexus 7s, 150,000 5$ Play Store credit and 20,000 coupons for a free mini-bag filled with KitKat. The contenst beings from September 6th and will run until 31st January, 2014.

And yes, the new Android KitKat statue has already been installed in the front lawn of the company’s HQ.

Update: According to BBC, representatives from Google and Nestle met face-to-face at Mobile World Congress this year to finalize the deal. On Nestle’s part, the company will deliver more than 50 million chocolate bars with the Android mascot in many major and upcoming markets including Brazil, India, Japan, Russia, UK and the US.