OnePlus nixes bamboo 'StyleSwap' covers


Another letdown if you were one of the unlucky few to land a OnePlus One - the company is reneging on its plans for a bamboo StyleSwap cover.

OnePlus blames "technical difficulties" in mass production. Despite the cancellation, it plans to sell off the few that turned out all right. Plans are to be released on the company web site.

"As we've said before, we've experienced technical difficulties in mass producing the StyleSwap covers at an acceptable level of quality," a company spokesman says in a blog post. "The number of Bamboo StyleSwap covers that have passed our Quality Assurance tests is much lower than we had hoped." 

Recently the company had to fight off rumors that it wasn't the scrappy startup it claimed. A kerfuffle over who was behind OnePlus revealed many key investors are from OPPO, a sizable, China-based manufacturing company.

That did not sit well with many OnePlus supporters, who thought they were backing an independent startup battling behemoths of the smartphone industry.

The only company having worse press than OnePlus is the NFL. Problems include an apology for exploding batteries, late software updates, and a sexist publicity campaign

While our original review was favorable, it is hard to recommend anybody picking up a OnePlus One these days. Of course, with an invite-only buying process, it's not a guarantee that you could get your hands on one even if you wanted to.

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