First StyleSwap cover for Oneus One gives your phone a bamboo back

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Jul 2014

Bamboo is a favorite snack of the giant pa has long been celebrated for its medicinal purposes. Now, it’s being used to give smartphones a natural-tinged new look.

Oneus, the company behind the Oneus One, just officially unveiled a bamboo cover option for its ultra-affordable flagship phone, which being sold unlocked directly to customers. Arriving at the end of August, it’s but one of three StyleSwap covers initially planned for the Oneus One, which will also include Silk ite—described on the Oneus site as “silky smooth”— Sstone Black.

Here’s what had to say in ‘s Oneus One review:

“If you’re looking for an ‘un-flagship’ that’s free of carrier restrictions, is equipped with a beautiful display, offers up a multitude of customization options, is powered by software that’s supported by one very dedicated team of developers, it’s certainly worth considering over any other unlocked Android device.”

The Oneus One isn’t the first phone to offer wood encasing: the Moto X can be customized with your choice of four different wood finishes, including bamboo. Unlike the Moto X, which assembles your phone for you ( locks you into your style choice), the StyleSwap cover is like buying IKEA furniture: you have to assemble it yourself. Oneus posted a video to show that it is a pretty painless process, though.

The bamboo cover will cost $50 when it arrives at the end of August, while the Silk ite Sstone Black covers will cost $30.