Oneus One apologizes for exploding battery

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 26 Aug 2014

Oneus may have inadvertently created the ultimate smartphone kill switch.

The makers of the Oneus One phone issued an apology Tuesday to an owner who claims his phone exploded in his pocket while riding a subway. 

A post images reporting the issue first appeared on the Oneus forums. They have since moved to a support page which requires a Oneus account to view.

Carl i, the director of Oneus Global, apologized said the company would be reaching out to the owner.

” are very sorry to see one of our users had to experience this with their device as the safety of our customers is our first foremost concern. have already contacted MiYzu to learn more about his condition, as well as dispatched Oneus to physically retrieve back the phone. This way, we can determine the circumstances surrounding this so that we may work to prevent this happening in the future,” he said in a statement published at Android lice.

Exploding phone batteries are not exceptionally rare. A Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire under a sleeping 13-year-old’s pillow earlier this year. A burning ione caused a flight to be rerouted after it was seen burning a passenger’s bag.

Such spontaneous combustion has usually occurred when the device was in a pocket, bag, or otherwise tucked away. Excessive heat can create a chemical reaction in the lithium battery.

Unfortunately for Oneus, this is only its most recently apology, as the company had to back down from a sexist campaign asking women to post selfies on its forums, asking men to up-vote the prettiest ones for the eligibility to buy a phone.

Oneus also just issued a fix for a bug draining battery life. The phone has also been plagued by late updates a cumbersome purchasing system.