Oneus One update fixes battery woes, but some issues remain

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Aug 2014

Cyanogen is patching up a battery drain bug in the Oneus One smartphone, after introducing the problem in a previous update.

ile the last update addressed many minor issues with the Oneus One, such as weak speaker volume subpar detection of voice comms, it also caused the phone to sap battery life while in an idle state. Users began complaining about the problem last week, Oneus promised a quick fix.

Unfortunately, users have picked up on another problem that the latest update doesn’t fully address. According to AusDroid, a grounding issue is causing erratic touchscreen behavior when the phone isn’t plugged in or held in the user’s h. The new update does fix some other touchscreen problems, but the grounding issue remains.

The good news is that Oneus is aware of the problem has said it’s working on a solution. The bad news is that Cyanogen, which is in charge of developing delivering the phone’s firmware, claims it has no control over the touchscreen element that needs fixing. Cyanogen is working with Oneus on a permanent solution, but they haven’t given a timeline.

At the moment, these issues don’t affect a huge number of people, as the Oneus One still isn’t directly available for purchase. Currently, you can only buy the phone by invitation, either from another Oneus One user or through special promotions.

So while the prospect of a $350 unlocked phone with top-of-the-line tech specs continues to be alluring, for now it’s best that Oneus works out the kinks with a limited, enthusiast audience.