Samsung Galaxy S III running Tizen 3.0 spotted on AT&T’s network, is this a developer device?

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 12 Sep 2013

Apple makes their own hardware and their own software. Microsoft makes their own software, and in Q1 2014, with the help of Nokia, they’ll start making their own smartphones. And of course, Google has Motorola. All the cool kids like to own the complete stack, and Samsung is no different. They’ve been working on Tizen for quite a while now. Earlier this week we saw photos of Tizen 3.0 running on a Galaxy S4. Today, courtesy of Tizen Experts, there are now images of a Galaxy S III running Tizen 3.0 that’s also connected to AT&T’s network.

What could this possibly mean? Well, we know Samsung is going to hold a conference for developers next month in California. Everyone assumes they’ll focus on Android, but now I’m starting to have my doubts. Still, I can’t help but think, what exactly is Samsung going to do with Tizen when there are no apps for the platform? Are they going to do what Microsoft is currently doing with Windows Phone, throwing suitcases of money at developers to get them to care about their platform?

And more importantly, let’s assume for a second that in two years Samsung launches the Galaxy S6 and it’ll come in two options: One with Android, the other with Tizen. What will the Tizen phone do that the Android one can’t?

I look forward to finding the answers to these questions with time, because now I’m just confused.