RED Hydrogen One Will Launch on AT&T and Verizon This Summer

BY Evan Selleck

Published 17 May 2018

Earlier this year, the RED Hydrogen One was delayed as the company aimed to include at least one new feature, and work on carrier certification.

The launch expectation slipped just a bit, but RED has been aiming for a summer 2018 launch for quite some time, and it looks like that goal will be met. Today, both AT&T and Verizon officially announced that the RED Hydrogen One, a smartphone that will boast a 5.7-inch holographic display, will launch sometime this summer. There isn’t an exact date to look forward to just yet, but it appears that RED has been working behind-the-scenes to get deals made for its first smartphone.

And getting support from the two biggest wireless carriers is a pretty big deal, especially for a company launching a pretty crazy smartphone like the Hydrogen One.

The Hydrogen One isn’t going to be a cheap handset, either, retailing for around $1,000 or more. But with its focus on a pristine camera experience, that holographic display that can project 3D visuals without the need for glasses, and its dynamic surround sound, it may be worth it for those who want to buy in.

Are you excited about the upcoming RED Hydrogen One?