Rumor: LG to unveil 8.3 inch tablet next month

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 14 Aug 2013

Does anyone remember the last time LG released a tablet? Because I can’t. ASUS comes out with a new tablet every three days. Samsung comes out with a new tablet every three weeks. But LG? I got nothing. That’s due to change next month according to the Greek website Techblog. Don’t let their name fool you, they’ve been right before on previous leaks.

So what’s this LG tablet all about? They say it’ll be called the “G Pad”, it’ll have the same screen resolution as the new Nexus 7 (1920 x 1200), but it will have an 8.3 inch display versus 7.0 inches. Under the hood there will be 2 GB of RAM and a quad core processor. Whether that means Snapdragon 600, Snapdragon 800, or S4 Pro isn’t mentioned. The back of the device is supposed to be made out of aluminum, and the whole thing will have such tiny bezels that it’ll be “pocketable”.

As someone who uses a Galaxy Mega 6.3, I wouldn’t call 8.3 inches “pocketable”, but I’m still interested to see what LG has up their sleeves. The biggest question, and arguably the most important one, to ask here is price. We all know that Apple is going to release a retina iPad mini this year. And while the 2013 Nexus 7 isn’t going to be available everywhere, it will end up in big countries (Germany, USA, UK, etc.).

So how much would the G Pad have to cost to move? I’m going to go with $299, maximum.

[Via: PhoneArena]