Rumor suggests Google is going to revamp the notification shade and Recents menu

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 May 2014


Late last month, the folks over at Android Police posted a pretty interesting feature that might come to a future version of Android — “Ok Google everywhere” — along with a major revamp of the navigation buttons and the recents menu.

Now, they have revealed more information about this revamp and it looks like Google is getting ready to give the launcher a drastic overhaul.

According to the rumor, the new recents menu is going to play a more important role and will allow users to launch apps as well from a “hot seat”. Apparently, the company will also split up the notifications in two parts with higher priority notifications being shown first. This means that users will first see the high priority notifications, which require your immediate attention, with the ongoing or low priority ones following them. The design of the notification bar will also get a huge overhaul and follow a more Google Now cards like approach. Quick Settings will remain in its current position and can be accessed by the usual two-finger swipe gesture.

A mockup of how the new Recents Menu will look

A mockup of how the new Recents Menu will look

Interestingly, AP suggests that even if these changes do come to form, chances are that they will be limited to the Google Experience Launcher or the “Google” experience that the company is aiming for, as indicated by the previous rumor.

It is only when you join this and the previous rumor with reports about Google working on an Android Silver program to offer high-end devices with a “Google” experience that everything starts making sense. Things in the Android world are sure going to get a lot more interesting by the end of this year.