New Google Glass update adds video controls, new cards, local theatre showtimes, and more

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 13 Aug 2013

larry glass

Another month, another software update for Google Glass. Only a few thousand Glass units exist, but that’ll likely change next year when a consumer version becomes available. Anyway, for the lucky few of you who have Glass, Google just pushed out a software updated called “XE8” that has the following features.

1. You can now control video playback in much the same way you can on your Android phone. Tap once against the touchpad to pause. Then move your finger back and forth to scrub through video.

2. You can now post an update using the new “Post an update” voice command, and take a Note using the new “Take a Note” voice command. Path is the first app to support the update command, while Evernote is the first to do notes.

3. New cards to show you scores from your favorite sports team, traffic conditions, and the weather.

4. You’ll be able to change the volume.

5. When you’re near a movie theatre, Glass will show you what movies are playing and when.

There’s more, but again, I can’t stress this enough, you can’t buy Glass. Wait a year.

[Via: Google+ and Google Support]