LG unveils the case for the Vu 3 before unveiling the Vu 3 itself, actually kind of cool

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 18 Sep 2013

Screen shot 2013 09 18 at 1.58.03 PM

You know LG’s new flagship phone, the G2? For reasons I’m still having a difficult time trying to understand, the company announced the flip-cover for the G2 before announcing the G2 itself. Well, guess what? The same thing just happened. LG is expected to announce a new phone in Korea this month called the Vu 3, and right on schedule, LG has unveiled the case for the device before the device itself.

What is the Vu 3? It’s a Snapdragon 800 powered phone with LTE-A connectivity that features a 4:3 aspect ratio screen that’s rumored to measure 5.2 inches on the diagonal. Unlike every other smartphone on the market, which is 16:9 or at most 16:10, LG is going 4:3 like Apple does with the iPad and iPad mini.

Screen shot 2013 09 18 at 2.03.21 PM

Circling back to the case. Both LG and Samsung offer cases in two different types of formats: cases with plastic cut out windows and cases without said cutouts. With the Vu 3, LG has found a middle ground. The case is made of a material that’s easy to see through. Say you have your phone sitting on a table next to you with the flap closed. If you get an incoming call, it’ll show you a gigantic graphic that shines through the flap itself.

Now before you get too excited, note that the first two Vu devices failed miserably outside of Korea. In other words, I have little hope for the Vu 3 showing up on Verizon in the United States or on Vodafone in Europe.