LG Says ‘Goodbye Touch’ as it Teases a Gesture-Controlled Device

BY Evan Selleck

Published 23 Jan 2019

LG is planning on making waves at this year’s Mobile World Congress event, and it may be doing that with a gesture-based control scheme in its upcoming device.

More than likely we are going to see LG announce a new smartphone at the event next month, and, if that is indeed the case, it could be the oft-rumored G8. That handset is also allegedly going to come with a secondary screen attachment, but it also may be a handset that primarily relies on gesture controls if the Life’s Good latest tease is any indicator.

The company launched a 13-second video that teases something that may be called the LG Premiere. That name could change at some point before its big debut, and that’s even likely. Whatever form the device takes, and whatever it’s called, it appears that LG is leaning heavily into gesture controls for the handset. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Here’s the video:

As for when we will hear more, we’ll have to wait until February 24. That’s when the video says we’ll see the full unveiling. LG is apparently going down a different road than companies like Samsung or Motorola, meaning the company won’t be launching a foldable phone anytime soon. Instead, the rumor mill suggests it’ll be a relatively standard handset, with an accessory case that may double the size of the screen when it’s open. And it may boast a ton of gesture controls.