LG to Launch Smartphone with New Wireless Charging Technology

BY Sagar Gandhi

Published 15 Jun 2016

LG Electronics (PRNewsFoto/LG Electronics USA)

Magnetic resonance technology allows a cellphone to charge a considerable distance away from the charger, and if the report from Business Korea is anything to go by, LG seems to be leading in this arena. While current generation wireless chargers use magnetic induction technology, the next-gen of wireless chargers would arrive with magnetic resonance that would allow them to charge from a distance.

The ultimate goal of these chargers being to allow devices to charge in a room without the need for wires is far from being achieved; LG has managed to tap into this field and increase the charge distance to 2.75 inches — not much, until you consider the past endeavours managed only 0.78 inches.

Magnetic resonance would also allow devices to charge faster due to the higher power outputs of up to 7 watts. This would allow a handset to charge to full capacity within approximately an hour.

Manufacturers such as Meizu, Oppo and Huawei are rumoured to be releasing devices that use magnetic resonance as early as next year. For now, LG has completed development and according to Business Korea they company is deciding on the best time to launch the device and capitalise on this technology.

[Via Business Korea]