LG, the Korean operator, unveils new 7 inch Samsung tablet called the “Homeboy”

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 23 Aug 2013

Few people know this, but LG is not only a smartphone maker and manufacturer of home appliances, they’re also the third largest wireless operator in South Korea. Yesterday they launched a new device called the “Homeboy” that, according to The Korea Herald, is the equivalent of an Amazon Kindle. It’ll let Koreans “access some 50 TV channels, movies, millions of music tracks and tens of thousands of e-books.” Even better, you can use the Homeboy as a security system. Seriously, when you leave your house, point Homeboys’ camera at the living room, and there’s your CCTV.

The best part of all this is that the Samsung is making the Homeboy. Yes, you read that right. LG is launching a Samsung device in Korea. And I have to wonder why, because rumors seem to suggest that LG is going to unveil a tablet or two at IFA in Berlin. One of them, allegedly called the “G Pad”, will pretty much be an 8.3 inch version of the Nexus 7. Photos of it haven’t leaked yet, but IFA kicks off in two weeks, so an official announcement is right around the corner.