How to Create Custom Sticker Pack in WhatsApp for Android

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Nov 2018

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Earlier this month, WhatsApp added stickers support to its platform. By default, WhatsApp has also added some of its own set of stickers, though it is also allowing developers and designers to release their own sticker packs. So, this means that one can add their own custom sticker packs to WhatsApp. The catch? The process is slightly more complicated than it should be and since sticker support was only just introduced, the marketplace is kind of empty.

Why would you like to use your own custom sticker pack in the first place though? Well, you can customize photos of your friends into stickers and use them accordingly in a chat. Or you can create custom stickers to promote your brand. Irrespective of your needs, if you are looking to use your own set of custom stickers on WhatsApp, follow the steps in this guide. The best part is that these custom stickers will only be available to you and not show up in WhatsApp marketplace.

Step 1: Download Personal stickers for WhatsApp from Google Play. Make sure to transfer the images that you’d like to use as stickers to the internal storage of your device inside a folder. The folder name of where you store the stickers will be the name of the sticker pack as well. So make sure to rename the folder accordingly.

Step 2: The images you’d like to use as stickers must be in PNG format and make sure they are not too big in size. You will need at least 3 stickers/images to create a custom sticker pack for WhatsApp. Tap the Add button and you are done!

Step 3: To use the sticker pack, open a chat box in WhatsApp, tap the emoji button followed by the sticker button at the bottom. You will then see the custom sticker pack you just added to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Stickers

Do note that you must not delete the sticker images from the internal storage of your Android device. If you do so, the sticker pack will not be available in WhatsApp as well.