Google’s #myAndroid Taste Test Helps You Find the Right Home Screen Layout

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Mar 2017

MyAndroid Tool

One of the key advantages of Android is that it allows users to have their own unique home screen that they can customise according to their own wish. However, most Android users just end up being overwhelmed with all the available customisation options available and end up using the default launcher with a row of icons on their home screen. (paradiseweddingchapel)

To solve their dilemma, Google has released a new #myAndroid Taste Test that will point you in the right direction for setting up your home screen.

Users will be asked a few basic and fun questions during the test post which they will automatically be recommended a bunch of different home screen layouts which Google thinks will suit their needs. Users will also be recommended which launcher, icon pack, widgets, and even the keyboard they should be using.

Android home screen

The company is not just recommending its own apps in the test, but also third-party launchers, icon packs, and widgets available on the Play Store.

Considering how many Android users just end up sticking to the stock launcher, icon pack, and the default layout of the home screen their Android device, this tool from Google was very much needed.

If you do end up taking the #myAndroid Taste Test, do drop a comment and share your home screen with us! As for my home screen, you can find it here.

#myAndroid Taste Test