Google to bring Android wearable SDK in a couple of weeks

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 10 Mar 2014

Google Smartwatch

Google has confirmed that its own smartwatch could be in the making with the announcement of a dedicated Android wearable SDK. The company will make this development kit available to manufacturers in a couple of weeks, so we could see a more refined Android-based smartwatch launching in the next few months.

A rumor from a couple of weeks ago spoke about how Google could be looking to launch its own smartwatch OS by June, which is now even more likely to be true. The first hardware based on this wearable OS is supposedly coming from Google with its rumored LG made smartwatch.

With Google’s official support for smartwatches, we could see more manufacturers stepping forward with their own wearable device. It is said that Google will follow and apply the same set of rules to manufacturers as it does with its mobile and tablet OS, which should help maintain uniformity. Interestingly, Pichai also mentioned the use of this technology on potential “Smart Jackets” in the future.

The Android chief has clarified that smartwatches based on this new OS will not arrive soon and that they want to get feedback before bringing a device to the market. With the I/O event scheduled for June, we might get to know a bit more about the future of Android based smartwatches.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]