Google Unveils Jamboard, an Android 4K Digital Whiteboard That Will Cost Under $6,000

BY Evan Selleck

Published 25 Oct 2016


Google wants to change the whiteboard, and they’re doing that with the newly-introduced “Jamboard,” set to launch next year.

The Jamboard is an Android-based, 55-inch 4K digital whiteboard. It includes a built-in camera, making conference calls a possibility, and it also supports sensing up to 16 simultaneous touch inputs. The Jamboard also has the technology to differentiate between the touch of a finger, and the eraser or stylus accessories. It also comes with a custom stand, which offers a holder for the accessories, and wheels to roll the digital whiteboard around.

The Jamboard works with G Suite of products, so collaborative work is the focal point here. Users will be able to type, draw, notate, type, and import content. They can even alter Google Docs on the whiteboard as well. There’s a mini web browser installed, and the camera will take advantage of Google Hangouts. Google Drive will save content put on the whiteboard as well. What’s more, if multiple teams are using multiple Jamboards, they can work together in real-time, as long as both boards are connected to the internet.


Google has been testing the whiteboard internally for quite some time, and has even included other companies, like Netflix and Spotify, in the testing phase.

There will be companion tablet apps, both for Android and iOS devices, which will allow team members to interact if they can’t get near a Jamboard. There will be smartphone apps, too.

Google plans to start selling the Jamboard sometime next year, and it will retail for “less than $6,000.”

[via Recode]