Google Remotely Wipes Pixel 7 Pro EVT Sample Sold on Facebook Marketplace

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 3 Jun 2022

Ahead of an official launch, Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro popped up on eBay earlier this month. AndroidPolice reports the seller had multiple devices and listed a Pixel 7 Pro on Facebook Marketplace too. One person who purchased the device used the phone for around three weeks until it began “acting wild” and was remotely reset to factory configuration on May 31.


To get you up to speed, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are expected to be Google’s next big flagship offering. They are mere months away from an official launch, but just like the Pixel Watch prototype that got away, some Pixel 7 series devices have also been taken from under Google’s nose.

Pixel 7 ebay listing

A listing on eBay spotted earlier this month advertised a Pixel 7 for sale. Product shots had been clicked using a Pixel 7 Pro which was visible in the reflections on the listed device. The prototype had all the characteristics of a Google Engineering Verification Test (EVT) sample, such as the non-Google logo on the back of the device. The listing was taken down shortly after it began to garner attention online.

Pixel 7 ebay listing reflection

The Latest Leaked Device

Based on Reddit posts and comments on its blog, AndroidPolice ascertained that the seller behind the eBay listing also posted the Pixel 7 Pro for sale on Facebook Marketplace, believing that it was just a Pixel 6 Pro. The device was purchased by someone who then used it for close to three weeks.

However, their dreams of using a Pixel 7 Pro before anyone else outside of Google were cut short rather abruptly. They recounted their ownership experience:

“It’s been working 100% fine the entire time I had it until yesterday morning. It was early about 4:00 something I was getting ready and I saw the screen start flickering and doing weird stuff. The next thing I know I saw it’s saying it was factory data resetting and wiping everything from my phone, so I freaked out and tried to get it out of that but it wasn’t letting me do anything. Then I saw a circle on the screen saying erasing date and then it went to that screen. I think big G did it.”

The brief description was accompanied by two images. One showed off the back panel and confirmed that the device was indeed a Pixel 7 Pro and the other showed the device’s screen displaying a Fastboot Mode screen in the wake of the remote wipe.


Interestingly, the buyer remains in contact with the Pixel 7 Pro’s seller who claimed that their other units have also been wiped remotely. The seller has also requested the buyer to return the prototype, possibly at “Big G’s” behest.



From the (unfortunate) owner’s description, it is evident that Google probably decided to reset the devices or soft-brick them remotely to contain its secrets before they spill and dampen the hype surrounding the Pixel 7series launch. However, its actions were too little and too late.

Even on the fastboot screen, several details are available, confirming bits of previous rumors. This indirectly adds credibility to those rumors and revisiting them paints a clear picture of what the Pixel 7 series could pack.

The Fastboot Mode screen corroborates that the device is codenamed “Cheetah” and “EVT” is appended at the end, confirming that the device is an engineering sample. The bootloader version is named “cloudripper,” which confirms the name of the next-generation Tensor chip expected to power the Pixel 7 series. Moreover, the baseband version indicates the device is using a Samsung 5300-series modem.

On the hardware front, the Pixel 7 Pro EVT buyer says the dimensions haven’t changed significantly. They were able to use a Pixel 6 Pro protective case with the phone. The location of the charging port, fingerprint reader, etc. has not changed.

Google will launch the Pixel 7 series sometime this fall. Stay tuned to this website because we will share more about the device soon.

[Via AndroidPolice]