Google reduces minimum price of apps on Google Play to Rs. 10 ($0.16) in India

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Jul 2015

Google Play logo

Google today announced that developers will be able to sell their apps and games in India through Google Play for as low as Rs. 10 (~16 cents). The reduced price tier will also be available for In-app purchases.

With India emerging as one of the fastest growing and hottest smartphone markets in the world right now, this move from Google should not really come as a surprise. A lower price tag will entice more consumers in the country to spend money on apps and games, which is otherwise usually frowned upon in this part of the world.

Earlier this month, Apple had expanded its alternative Tier A and Tier B pricing feature to India and a few other countries, which allowed developers to sell their apps and games in the iOS App Store for as low as Rs. 10. It is likely that this influenced Google to add a similar option to Google Play as well.

If you are an Android developer, you can reduce the price of your app on Google Play to Rs. 10 in India via the Pricing & Distribution option located in the Google Play Developer Console.

[Via +Android Developers]