Google May Launch a ‘Play Pass’ Subscription Service for the Play Store

BY Evan Selleck

Published 27 Oct 2018

Google PlayStore PlayPass

The Play Store on Android devices is the go-to online storefront for millions of people out there looking to get new apps and games on their devices.

And it sounds like Google may be developing a pretty huge change. As reported by XDA-Developers this week, Google appears to be working on something called “Play Pass”. As noted in the original report, this reference actually cropped up months ago, when a developer by the name of Kieron Quinn noticed an in-development feature within the Play Store entitled Play Pass. At the time, though, it didn’t actually connect to anything, so there wasn’t much to go on.

Now, a friend of Quinn sent a screenshot of a Google Opinion Rewards survey which directly asks if the word “Pass” would be a good way to name a subscription service. A previous question asks the individual to envision an “app store” that “has a subscription that offers hundreds of dollars worth of paid apps and games for a monthly fee”.

At the time of publication, Google hasn’t announced anything of this sort at all. And this may be the first hint at what’s coming down the pipe. But, as it stands, have that salt shaker handy just in case this is something that never actually sees the light of day.

Would you pay a certain amount on a monthly basis to have some kind of access to the Android Play Store without having to buy games and apps on an individual basis?

[via XDA-Developers]