Google Maps Now Show Calendar Events

BY Evan Selleck

Published 30 Sep 2016


For Android users, Google Calendar events are now populated within the Google Maps app, making navigation even easier.

The Google Maps team has been working with the Calendar team to bring events into the fold. Meaning, for Google Maps users on Android, they will be able to look up their events, access them, and then quickly navigate to the place they need to be.

To make it all work, users need to make sure that they add the address in the “Where” box when they are creating an event. That’ll obviously populate the address when it’s necessary. From there, users can access their events by sliding over the side menu, selecting “Your Places,” and then choosing “Upcoming.” There’s a list there that will show all upcoming events, their addresses, to which those can be selected and navigated to.

The Google Blog says that the new feature is rolling out beginning today, globally, so keep an eye out for it.

[via Google Blog]