Google Lens Could Make Its Way to Desktop Search Soon

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 3 Feb 2022

Google Lens is one of the most helpful search tools when you look quizzically at an object but don’t know what your search query should be. Lens was conceptualized for use on mobile devices, but Google began integrating it with Chrome some years ago. Now, the valuable tool could be combined with Google Search.

Google Lens is an image recognition utility developed by the search giant. If you photograph an object using Lens, it analyzes the image using a cloud-based neural network and shows you relevant search results, similar photos, and other information. Late in 2019, Google began integrating Lens with the Chrome web browser on all versions, from the stable builds to Canary. The feature had to be enabled using a Chrome flag.

One user reportedly spotted the Lens button in the search bar on beside the voice search button. This suggests that the image search tool could soon make its way to Google on the web for all users. Clicking the button prompts the user to upload an image to search for. Like on the Google Lens mobile app, the web version allows you to analyze only a region of the uploaded image.

Google Lens Web

The report also claims that the Lens button in the search bar would use the whole-bodied camera icon that the Google app also uses. The logo is slightly different from the square Lens logo with rounded corners that Pixel Launcher, Google Photos, and the Lens app for Android use.

Google Lens integration should roll out, so Search provides a consistent experience with similar tools on mobile and web. If Lens does not roll out for all Google users on the web, you can always enable it using the Chrome Flags menu. Would you prefer using Google Lens on the web? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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