Google I/O 2014 will focus primarily on design

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 17 Apr 2014

Google I/O 2014

Registrations for the Google I/O event went live a couple of days ago and will last until tomorrow i.e. the 18th of April. But up until this point, it was unclear as to what’s on the agenda for the event. And now, the lead designer behind the Google Search team has shed a light on what to expect from Google during the I/O event in late June.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Jon Wiley said that Google will shift its focus towards design this year. It is likely that we will get to see some new apps or features being added into existing Google applications. Wiley didn’t confirm anything but merely said that there will be more of a human element to its services this time around.

He said – “People are familiar with Google’s expertise when it comes to computer science, and our ability particularly within search to create the most relevant answer and deliver it to them as quickly as possible. What doesn’t get talked about quite as often is…the nuance of crafting those experiences. When I think about great design, I think about it in terms of being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It’s about empathy.”

Google is expected to discuss Android Wear and the devices that come with it as well. It seems unlikely at this point that Google would announce hardware during the course of the event, but nothing can be predicted this early on.

We have seen revamped versions of the Calendar and Gmail app leaking out recently, so we have an indication of where Google is headed with its services for Android in the future. The Android app icons were expected to get a refresh as well, so do not rule out a major revamp.

As you wait in anticipation for the I/O event to begin, here are a few of Google’s Design Minutes videos.