Google Home May Boast Multiple User Support Soon

BY Evan Selleck

Published 10 Apr 2017

Google Home, in its current state, is designed to sit in the home and be an active smart system that can play music, play games, answer questions, and also read off the scheduled events from the account linked to it.

While this is a great system for a home with only one person in it, the smart speaker could get a massive boost from multiple users support. And according to Android Police, that appears to be the plan. The publication reports that multiple Google Home owners have indicated that there is a new card in the Discovery tab within the Google Home app, which clearly states that Google Home now supports multiple users.

Unfortunately it looks like that cards arrival was a bit premature, because Google Home still doesn’t actually support multiple users. So while it looks like the card arrived a bit prematurely, it does at least suggest that Google is working on bringing the feature to the smart speaker sooner, rather than later.

What do you think, Google Home owners? Is this a feature you’re hoping lands soon?

[via Android Police]