Google Fi Ditches US Cellular as Its Main Network Partner

BY Ronil

Published 2 Mar 2023

Google Fi

Google Fi is dropping US Cellular as its official network partner. A Reddit user shared screenshots of their chat with a Google Fi support agent, and in response to the customer’s query, the agent said that US Cellular is no longer MVNO’s primary network provider.

This move leaves Google Fi completely dependent on T-Mobile as its primary partner. However, that doesn’t mean US Cellular subscribers won’t be able to use Fi, as the service is still supported but as a part of Fi’s extended network. The big G uses Fi’s extended network to provide domestic roaming services, so there’s little to worry about. A Google spokesperson confirmed this change to 9to5Google.

Users could choose their preferred network manually with Google Fi in the past. However, we now know that the setting wasn’t permanent. As a result of this change, users will no longer be able to manually select a network, as there is just T-Mobile to pick from.

Also, when both networks were available, but one had superior coverage over the other, it’d automatically switch between T-Mobile and US Cellular. Even though US Cellular might have a stronger signal in some places, T-Mobile will take precedence over US Cellular when both networks are accessible.

Many are already facing the impact of this adjustment. A Fi user couldn’t connect to US Cellular’s network using an eSIM, but when using an old physical Fi SIM card, they received a 4G signal successfully. Other users with a newly activated line with Google Fi couldn’t forcibly transition to the USCC profile on their supported devices.

Google Fi has been a better and less expensive way to enhance your cellular network experience on any compatible Android phone for a while now. And this move will limit the user’s available options to just T-Mobile.

Via: AndroidPolice