Google Expeditions Let Students Explore the World

BY Evan Selleck

Published 27 Jun 2016

Google Expeditions

Going off an actual expedition to visit a distant location might not be a realistic option for a lot of students, so Google wants to make it easier right from within an app.

Today, Google launched Expeditions, which allows students and other Android users visit far-off locations all across the globe, including the oceans and outer space, either from a 2D app experience, or with Google Cardboard for a truly immersive 3D, virtual reality experience.

As it stands right now, Expeditions has over 200 locations to visit, all of which have plenty of descriptions and facts regarding each locale, as well as questions for instructors and users to ask, and much more.

Expeditions is a free app that works on an Android phone and/or tablet, which will launch a “Magic Window” experience to deliver a 2D experience. It can also be used with an Android phone and Google Cardboard for the VR experience. (

Best Buy is offering pre-orders of Expeditions kits, which feature 30 devices, 30 Mattel viewers, a TP-Link router, a Pelican case, and three rapid chargers for $9,999. The pre-orders are open to schools interested in Expeditions.

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