Rumor: Google could launch its own smartwatch OS in June

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 25 Feb 2014


Reports are indicating that Google could launch its own smartwatch OS at the Google I/O event this June. Details are scarce at the moment, but it is being claimed that this new operating system will be supplied to OEMs much like how Google supplies Android to interested manufacturers. This could give birth to a whole new segment of smartwatches based on a proprietary Google OS.

It is believed that this operating system will be running a modified version of Android, with deeper Google Now integration for better communication with the user. There were also rumors over the past few days that Google will collaborate with LG for the launch of its very first smartwatch.

It was initially claimed that this device would be unveiled during the I/O event in June, but a subsequent report cited a July-August timeframe for the launch, so the jury is still out on when Google will actually announce and deliver this smartwatch. It’s very likely that the smartwatch OS could be demoed at the I/O event, with actual hardware based on this new OS following in the weeks after that.

What are your thoughts on a Google-based smartwatch? Will you line up to get one of them?

Via: Techno Buffalo