Google Assistant SDK Lets You Run Google Assistant On Your Own Prototype Hardware Devices

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 28 Apr 2017

Google today announced the release fo Google Assistant SDK thereby allowing developers to run the virtual assistant on their own hardware prototypes. For now, the company has only launched the Developer Preview of the SDK, with the final version expected to arrive later this year.

With the Assistant SDK, developers can create their own voice-enabled smart mirror, self-built robot and more that will be powered by Google Assistant.

Google says these devices will be able to offer the full Assistant experience and will also include support for “Actions on Google” API that launched last year. The SDK supports “Ok Google” hotword detection, though obviously, it will only work if the prototype hardware device has the necessary components to enable the functionality.

The Google Assistant SDK includes a gRPC API, a Python open source client that handles authentication and access to the API, samples and documentation. The SDK allows you to capture a spoken query, for example “what’s on my calendar”, pass that up to the Google Assistant service and receive an audio response. And while it’s ideal for prototyping on Raspberry Pi devices, it also adds support for many other platforms.

The Assistant SDK is only meant to be used in prototype hardware devices, with parties interested in launching commercial products encouraged to contact Google first.

[Via Google Developers]