Gmail App on Android and iOS Gets a Handy ‘Storage Used’ Indicator like Google Photos

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 29 Jun 2022

Gmail unsplash

Everyone accessing their Gmail account on desktops would have noticed a small progress bar indicating how much Google Cloud storage your emails are hogging. The search giant has finally added a new “Storage used” indicator to the Gmail app for iPhone and Android, so you don’t need to open a new browser tab to check on your free storage.

The new “Storage used” indicator is available on the latest version of the Gmail app for iOS and Android. To see the new indicator, you just need to tap your profile picture in the Gmail app. It opens the account switcher menu where you can add or switch to other Gmail accounts. The new indicator should be visible under the “Manage your Google Account” section.

The indicator shows a Google Cloud icon on the left followed by a percentage value of the total storage you are using. Your total storage could vary depending on whether you’re a Google One subscriber or a free tier user. If you tap on the Storage Used indicator, you will be redirected to a page where you can manage your storage with Google One.

The page shows the amount of cloud storage in use by various Google services, such as Gmail, Photos, Google Drive, and others. The page allows you to purchase additional storage if you are running short, or free up space using the Storage manager tool borrowed from the Google One app.

Google Photos already has a similar progress bar and Drive hides one in the navigation bar. So, Gmail getting the feature as well isn’t particularly surprising. What do you think of the new Storage used indicator in Gmail for iOS and Android? Will you find it useful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

[Via 9to5Google]