Google’s Latest Gboard Experiment is an emoji mashup feature called ‘Emoji Kitchen’

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 12 Feb 2020

emoji kitchenGoogle is very prompt when it comes to updating Gboard and adding new features. The latest feature is called ‘Emoji Kitchen’ and lets you miz emoji. Google is testing the feature and apparently, the resulting Emoji can be funny and might just help you express yourself.

emoji kitchen 2

When you switch to Emoji picker, Gboard displays suggestions via a new menu. First, you need to select a smiley and then Gboard will automatically populate emoji suggestion. However, the new feature is expected to work with only select emoji’s. Next time you have some weird emotions don’t hesitate to use Emoji Kitchen and ‘cook’ up your very own emoji.

Google is currently testing the feature and this means it is currently available only for the beta tester. The experimental feature is apparently available on Gboard beta release. However, It requires a server-side switch. If you are using the version mentioned above just head over to the settings and see if the emoji browsing option is listed under preferences.

Please note that you need to sign up as a tester on the Play Store in order to get experimental features. That apart, you can also download APK files from trusted sources and sideload it on your device. If you are in the mood for some fun check out hundreds of emojis that are already available on Gboard. If you are on beta then try combining two emojis to create a new one.

[via TheVerge]