How to watch the Super Bowl on your Android device

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 2 Feb 2014


It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and you may be looking at ways to watch the big game on your Android tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately, watching the game won’t be that easy as the sports event is only licensed to a few affiliates who are authorized to provide streaming coverage to a mobile device. The one and only way to watch the Super Bowl on Android in the US is the NFL Mobile app. The NFL Mobile app is available via subscription to customers on Verizon Wireless. Anyone on a competing carrier is out of luck. In Canada, it’s a similar situation with Bell subscribers being able to watch the game using the Bell TV app. And in the UK, the situation is a bit better as both Channel 4 and SkySPorts are licensed by the NFL to carry the Super Bowl. ( UK users can find streaming coverage through the Sky Go app and the TVCatchup app from Channel 4.

Of course if you have a laptop handy, you can watch the game live on the Fox Sports Go website. The network will stream the game from start to finish. Laptop watchers can put their phone to good use, by using it to tether if they are out and about or by setting it up as a second screen so they  can watch the game and comment on Twitter at the same time.

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks officially kicks off Sunday at 6:30pm ET.