Corning announces its latest product — 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 3 Jan 2014


Corning announced today that it is preparing a new version of Gorilla Glass that’ll allow the company to produce curved glass displays.

Corning said in a press release that its new 3D glass technology is at the “manufacturing readiness” stage. The company hopes to prepare the product for commercialization in 2014 and is working with G-Tech Optoelectronics Corp. (GTOC) to expedite manufacturing of the product.

Not surprisingly, details on which companies will use the technology and how it will be implemented in devices was not included in the press release. Speculation suggests the glass could be used to create a durable, curved display for a smart watch or maybe even a future Android phone. LG and Samsung already announced phones with curved displays, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see other manufacturers adopt this technology in the future. This 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass could also wind up in wearables, most likely smartwatches.