Canalys states the obvious: Few Android tablets apps exist, and the ones that do aren’t good

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 16 Aug 2013

The analysts at Canalys have done a bit of research into the state of Android tablet applications, and they’ve discovered something many in the Android community already know. Namely, if you look at the Top 50 apps in Apple’s App Store for the iPad, 30% of them don’t have Android equivalents, 18% were just blown up versions of the smartphone app, and only 52% were at parity.

These numbers are surely better than where Android tablet apps were just a year ago, but there’s still an obvious divide, and it explains why most people looking for tablets buy iPads. When it comes to Android tablets, it looks like the only reason buy them is because they’re cheaper than the iPad, and that makes a lot of sense. But how is that going to change when Apple launches the retina iPad mini later this year? How much will the price of the non-retina mini be cut?

And last point, these cheaper Android tablets themselves are facing competition from smartphones. The bigger smartphones get, the less it makes for people to buy tablets at all. At least that was my thinking back in January when I purchased the Note II. These days my main SIM card is in a Mega 6.3, and I can’t imagine ever wanting to buy an Android tablet since I feel like I already have one.